Why do buyer and seller of the property do use of conveyancing process ?

Visitors will have easier access to the Owl Creek recreation site, horse camps and hiking trails in the Bankhead. Leola Road is part of the High Town Path, a trail used by Indians that runs along the ridge of the Bankhead. It is east of Alabama 33, which is where the project will begin. It will end at the Morgan County line, in the Piney Grove community.

Vicki Philipoff Settlements and Contractors will widen it, but not as wide as the Transportation Department normally requires. But with it being in the forest, we don’t want to disturb anything, we want to keep the impact to a minimum. Municipal Judge Donald Mansell has qualified as a Republican for the Place No. 2, Limestone County district judge seat held by District Judge Robert Baker. Baker, a Democrat, wants to be circuit judge and is seeking the judgeship held by George Craig, an independent. He got his law degree from the Birmingham School of Law in 1989.

Mansell is married to Terri Hargrave, who has two sons from a previous marriage. He was previously married to Sharon Cannizzo, who died of breast cancer in 1988. They had three daughters, Jessica Mansell, a graduate of The University of Alabama and currently living in Tuscaloosa; Ensign Sarah Mansell, a graduate of the United States Navel Academy assigned aboard the USS Yorktown; and Rebecca Mansell, a junior at West Limestone High School. He served in Vietnam and was deployed during Operation Desert Storm.

During his military service he was an Army Ranger and Green Beret. He was awarded the Combat Infrantryman’s Badge and the Bronze Star. The Decatur City Council asked staff to write a local ordinance that would temporarily yank the alcohol permits of stores that sell beer, wine and liquor to underage youths. Council members said in a work session Thursday with police that the crackdown is in response to complaints from local parents.

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